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Things to consider for a better understanding of vehicle wraps

Whether you're getting business graphics or a complete color change on your personal vehicle, there are things to consider for every wrap

Commercial Graphics

business wrap example image.jpg

Business graphics are a fantastic way to advertise your business. With the best marketing ROI and CPM, vinyl graphics are a great investment. There are a number of important things to consider when it comes to planning to put graphics on a business vehicle. Here are some things to consider:

-Things you would like to include in the wrap such as logo, website, phone number, list of services, email address etc.
-Your style. Is it a partial wrap, full wrap, or just a logo and phone number on the doors? 

-Type of vehicle. Is it a box truck, pick-up, van, or car? We will work with you to find the correct template and design.

-Effective. There are three important factors when designing your commercial wrap.
   1. Visually appealing.
   2. Easy to understand.
   3. Easy to read contact info.

-Your ideal budget. See our blog here to understand more about cost

Our professional staff would love to answer your wrap questions. Please feel free to call us at 518-378-3000.

Color Change Wraps

colorchange wrap example.jpg
Color change wraps are an amazing way to customize your vehicle. Wrapping is more cost-effective than a quality paint job. And the best part about a wrap is if you ever want to go back to its original color, the wrap can be removed with no damage to the existing paint. 

Which wrap is right for you?

-Are you looking for a luxury or vanity wrap. (more information below)
-The color of your vehicle now vs. the color you want to wrap it. Going from a lighter-colored vehicle to a darker-colored wrap adds challenges that need to be considered.

-Are you looking for specialty colors? Color flip wrap, carbon fiber, chrome, and other specialty wrap colors will add to the overall cost. 

-Vanity wraps are still effective and will save money, however, areas such as door jams, door handles, and under the truck/hood are typically not wrapped, or may have seams.

-Luxury Wraps vary greatly in detail and scope of work. Wrapping door jams, under the hood/trunk, door handles, and basically every inch of the vehicle will affect your overall price considerably. 

-Most Vanity wraps range between $2000-$3000. Luxury wraps can range between $3000 - $10,000.

Our professional staff would love to answer your wrap questions. Please feel free to call us at 518-378-3000.

lux_van wrap banner.jpg
vanity wrap example.jpg

Vanity wraps are a great option for keeping the wrap within a budget. For this wrap we do not remove door handles. This creates a small seam around the recess behind the handle. To most customers this is not a big deal.Unless you are right next to the vehicle inspecting it, you would not notice it. Driving down the road it would look like that is just the color of the car. Vanity wraps are certainly a quality product that accomplishes the goal of completely changing the look of the color of the vehicle.

luxury wrap example.jpg

Luxury wraps are much more intensive. We do remove door handles and things like bumpers to ensure the wrap is as seamless as possible. This creates more of a "paint" like look even up close. This is a great option for someone who brings their vehicle to car shows or someone who is looking for a wrap that is seamless. Because the labor is more intensive, luxury wraps are more expensive than vanity wraps.

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