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MovinAds, A 3M Preferred Installer

When it comes to vehicle graphics, wall graphics or any type of vinyl installation, not all installers are equal. To become the best, installers have to become certified by elite trainers in the industry. The main certificate when it comes to graphic installation is from 3M. Only the best of the best are able to pass the 2 day test for the 3M Preferred Installer Certification.

MovinAds is extremely proud to now have a 3M Preferred Installer in our business. Luke Potter has been an exceptional installer for our company for many years. Recently we sent him to take the rigorous 3M test. Not only did Luke pass but he set two records in the process! Luke is the youngest person to have ever passed the 3M certification and he is the only person ever to receive a perfect score on the written portion of the exam. With a test that only has a 20% pass rate, Luke scored in the top 1%. We already knew our team is the best installers in our area, but this certification just confirms it!

3M installers are the elites of graphic installs. Most of the fortune 500 companies will only use installers that are 3M certified. This is because they know the installer has proven they can do an exceptional job every time. When it comes to a major brands image, they want to make sure it is done correctly and professionally.

A business with a certified 3M installer is a notch above the rest and MovinAds is thrilled to have reached this status. Getting better and more efficient at what we do is what we strive for. We deliver a quality product every time at MovinAds, but we know we can always improve and improving is what we are doing.

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